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We're passionate about making technology simple.

We know not everyone has access to the latest gadgets and gizmos. That’s why we specialise in finding smart, real-world solutions to your existing technology challenges.

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Intranets, Websites & Extranets

We build custom websites, intranets and extranets

Big, small, internal or external - we use our experience and expertise to deliver changes with lasting impact.

Working Remotely & Online Events

We get people collaborating effectively online

We take the stress out of running big, complex events online. We offer advice and on-the-day support to help you collaborate seamlessly over MS Teams or Zoom.

Simple UX/UI Research & Design

We take a simple, user-centred approach to UX and UI

We get form and function working beautifully together to deliver websites that ‘just work.’

Information & Data Analytics

We use data analytics to inform business decisions

We can help you manage and organise your data so that it becomes a valuable decision-making asset.

Development & Support

We develop software solutions based on your business priorities.

If the best technology for your job is already out there, you can trust us to recommend it. If it isn’t - we can build it for you

Widgets, tools and apps

We upgrade and improve existing systems architecture

We can get your systems, applications and processes working better together with some clever digital widgetry.

Process improvement development

We make improvements to workflow processes and automation

We get technology working smarter so your people can focus on the tasks that really add value.

& Adoption

We get people onboard with new technology

We write and deliver training sessions to maximise adoption and ensure one of your biggest investments isn’t wasted.

Analytics & Variation Testing

We use analytic insights to make your website work harder

We use analytics and variation testing to give your website the winning edge.

About us

We are a specialist web and digital technologies company with more than 20 years’ experience in both the public and private sector.

Terry Willat

Partner & Managing Director

Connector. Strategist. Planner. Marketeer.

I began my technology career over 20 years’ ago as a training consultant for Microsoft, which was a fantastic launchpad for the varied roles I’ve held ever since.

I’ve worked for big, global companies like Rio Tinto, RSA and Direct Line Insurance, where, as Technical Project Lead, I partnered the business to deliver [examples of impressive projects online sales marketing platforms/technology upgrades etc…]

Include career highlight? E.g Big upgrade at RSA…Include a few numbers/percentages - they always sound impressive!

I also honed my global online marketing skills during long-running partnerships with public sector organisations, like VisitBritain and Visit England

Now at CIDA digital, I get to share my knowledge and experience to help our clients’ businesses thrive online. I’m passionate about bringing people together through technology and using it to enable them to achieve their goals.

And when I’m not connecting people, I like to… [a bit of personal info in here family/hobbies]

Connector. Strategist. Planner. Marketeer.

My varied and rather eclectic background has a common theme – people.

Supporting, connecting and helping people get the most out of their technology. Working for many years as a Microsoft training consultant opened a lot of doors, and for the past 10 years I have been helping companies collaborate more effectively.

First-hand experience with global companies like Rio Tinto, or financial intuitions like RSA and Direct Line have exposed me to a wealth of practices that can be shared with my clients. Long running relationships within the public sector with organisations like VisitBritain and VisitEngland, have given me an insight to global online marketing.

My overarching aim is to help clients successfully achieve their goals!

David Copp

Partner & Technical Director

Developer. Architect. Problem Solver.

I really cut my programming teeth during the early development of intranets, web portals and applications. (I’m sure I can’t be the only developer who’s delighted the days of Macromedia Flash and Frontpage are behind them.)

Over the past 20 years I’ve held senior technical roles at American Express, AIB, RSA and HSBC. I know many different coding languages from C#, Java, Lotusscript (yep, Lotus Notes Domino) to PHP and Javascript. I will always have a particular affinity/soft spot for classic ASP - simply for the fact it's where much of my development started.

During my career I’ve seen the very best and worst of practices and gained a deep insight into what does – and doesn’t - work on the web.

As CIDA digital’s Technical Director I draw on my knowledge and experience to guide our clients towards the best outcome – and then help them deliver it.

I believe technology exists to make life easier – it’s my driving force. I've never come across a problem (yet!) that couldn't be solved by willingness and good deal of creative thinking.

And when I’m not solving problems or spending time with my family, you’ll find me out in one of my sea kayaks, running or climbing

I have an overwhelming desire to get technology to make life easier.

I've never come across a problem that couldn't be solved by willingness and good deal of creative thinking...

I started with training wheels on the early development of intranets, web portals and applications. I'm happy to look back on the days of Macromedia Flash and Frontpage, but even happier to see those days behind all of us.

I've worked with and for diverse organisations inside and outside of the financial services sectors. I've seen many great, and some not so great, examples of practices at places like American Express, AIB and HSBC.

Who we've worked with

Over the years we've worked for and with a diverse bunch of organisations such as:

  • Visit Britain
  • Chimera Recruitment
  • Intelligent Emotion
  • American Express
  • AIB
  • Rio Tinto
  • Thames Valley & Hampshire Police
  • RSA Insurance Group
  • Yorkshire Building Society
  • Cardno
  • HSBC
  • OMNIS Intelligence
  • Direct Line
  • Allum Manor House and Hall

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